Friday, March 13, 2009

Norma Xi'an Update

Here is an update from Norma's mom. You can just see how in love they are with her and she with them.
Pat and I have been back in the States with Norma Xi’an since the last week in January. And, her amazing adjustment and loving nature is a testimony to the loving home she had at Starfish. She is a total cuddle bug and loves to laugh and play.
Norma Xi’an is the “belle of the ball” wherever she goes. I am in a grocery store or on the street and people do a double take at this cutie pie – everyone wants to know her story. She obliges by looking into their eyes, pointing her finger at them, and saying “bah.”

Pat and I are down at our home in St. Petersburg for a month or so and the retired people in our neighborhood are so excited to have her here… the out pouring of gifts and offers to baby sit have been overwhelming. All of our friends and neighbors have commented on how healthy and vibrant Norma Xi’an is. They all comment, “She must have been well taken care of.” Indeed she was!

Norma Xi’an loves to be outdoors in the sunshine – Pat takes her running with him in the jogging stroller and I walk her on the beach. We both enjoy taking her into the pool and she is turning into quite the water bug. She is extremely social and likes to go to restaurants with us…she is a very easy going baby and is learning to eat a broad variety of foods – her latest love affair is with grilled grouper and baked potatoes. She wants to feed herself using her fork and is getting really good at it.

Pat and I are astonished at how well Norma Xi’an is doing – it is like she has been here for 10 years! She has just jumped right in and claimed her place – and she has brought everyone who she has come into contact with great joy – especially us!

Life, Love and Laughter,

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