Thursday, February 05, 2009

The youngest new babies at the Cleft House

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Nancy said...

They are all cute but my favorite is Nick.

I would like to thank you Amanda because you help Gayly Conard with our family album. You are the one who recognize our daughter An Tong Zhen from CWI in Xian and give our album to the rigth person.

I would like to meet you and your foster home if possible when we are in Xian to get our precious daughter in March 09. We will know the exact date later on this week.

I started a Chip In fund to amass $$ for your foster home. Also I would like to buy Isle Paste or Desitin if you need some or something else that you really need.

Take care
Nancy L LeBel
NB Canada

Kammy K. said...

I'd love to fly over right now and hold each and every one of these beautiful babies...but Tina ... she has my heart.
Best of wishes to you in your work ... you will be in my prayers

Ivy said...

HI Amanda,
I've been working hard to fundraise and sent you the items you need! So far so good!

A kind lady would like to donate hand made blankets to you and wants to know how many you need? I already have about 9 infant blankets here to send also, but I'm sure you can use more during the winter months. Also she wants to make something for one of the babies so she can feel connected. I think that is special and was wondering if you could honor her request somehow. I am passing on her message, because I would have to hold and give them all something special...that's indeed what they mean to me:))

Also how quickly do you receive our items? And what do you need the most of so I can let others know on my blog.

Please feel free to email me. I think you have the address.

I am in awe of your work and committment. It simply inspires me!



PS Gayly Conrad is an aquaintance of mine and is sewing something for me currently. She emailed me to tell me that she stayed with you while in China! How wonderful and what a small world, since we emailed one another before I contacted you. What a "Red Thread" connection we all seem to have to these children of China.