Saturday, November 08, 2008

Laura Joan Halloween Fun

Here is an update from Laura Joan's mom. Laura Joan was Starfish first adoption and she was one of the original six babies I started with. She lives with her mom and dad and big brother Carson.
We are gearing up for Halloween. Laura wants to be a princess and has a ballerina costume that she was given-she insists on wearing it even though it is too big for her and I even bought a pretty princess dress ( not realizing she had her heart set on this ballerina dress) Of course little Mrs. Ballerina Princess will be precious. Both kids are very excited and counting down the days .
We went to the Fall Festival here in Maryville and had a blast. Laura loves all the bouncy things. She is very active and likes to jump and tumble around.

Laura Joan
and I went Letterboxing today on part of the Alcoa Trail. Laura Joan loves to pick flowers as we go, sometimes she has a whole bouquet. These were three boxes we found last Saturday. Letterboxes are always in neat places that are fun and educational to learn about. My favorite spot this trip was this walking bridge. It is one of only two walking bridges left in Townsend. The bridge is a little scary to walk across but we did it and found are prize ( a beautiful hand carved stamp). It is absolutely beautiful here right now as the leaves change colors. We enjoyed being together and enjoyed the beauty of our God's world.

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