Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ana's 3rd Birthday

Angel/Ana had her third birthday recently and here is a letter and some pictures from her mom:

Hi Amanda!

Today is Ana's third birthday and we had a little party yesterday at our house. We are hosting two local Chinese college girls---they came and brought Ana some beautiful Chinese ornaments and we sang Happy Birthday in English and Chinese. I have attached some photos of the party and also of Ana with her Starfish pumpkin we carved last weekend---probably the first of its kind!

I volunteered at Ana's preschool today---they had lots of Fall harvest activities and we had pumpkin cookies for her birthday. Ana's teacher was telling me how great Ana is doing in school. She said "Ana is so smart---it's like she is just oozing with intelligence and learns so quickly". This was great to hear. We are hearing lots more words from Ana now.

We are tentatively scheduled for early January to have Ana's tooth pulled at the hospital. I dread this, but it will be good to get this done and a really thorough exam done.

Ana is doing her first trick or treating on Thursday night. She and Sophie are going as little Indian squaws---they look so cute in their costumes!

Hope all is well with you and our Starfish friends!

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home

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Happy Birthday little Ana..