Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ana Goes to the Wiggles Concert!

She did it. Ana and her sister saw the Wiggles live in concert. I know Sean would be insanely jealous so I am not even going to tell him. (He not only sings but he dances too) He is besotted with the Wiggles. I am so glad that she got to see the idols of our Starfish house in person. I have been thinking of naming the next four boys after the Wiggles, dressing them in black pants and colorful T-Shirts and then sending the pictures off to them. I am sure that should get a response. LOL

We were in New Orleans, LA the first week of August. Patrick had a conference, so we all went, including my mom. I have attached a cute photo of Ana in a starfish at the Aquarium and also one of her reading Goodnight Moon in a special little "Goodnight Moon" reading room at the Louisiana Children's Museum. We had a great time and the girls got to swim a lot and Ana is getting very comfortable in the water. She even puts her head under on her own!

Last Wednesday night was The Wiggles concert and it was even better than we expected. Ana was in compete "shock and awe" for the first part---especially when Murray came out into the audience and was right next to us! Very exciting. I've sent along a few photos---hope you like them.

Ana is now just taking one ounce of water in a bottle at nap and bedtime. But, she is also getting a lot crankier at bedtime and is saying "No No and Rock Rock" as I type this. She certainly gets enough to make up for the milk throughout the day---she still has a big appetite.

All our love to our Starfish friends!

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home

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