Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Match: Jasmine

We have had some more news about one of our little Starfishes getting a home of her own. Jasmine has been matched with a family and here is a letter from her Mom and Dad. She will not be too far away from James who is in Aurora, Illinois just outside of Chicago. Shiloh is closer to St Louis than Chicago. We are excited about this new development, especially since it seems to have happened so fast.

It is official, so we would like to officially introduce ourselves. We are Ken and Leslie who reside in Shiloh, Illinois USA. We are very excited to say that we have received official approval to adopt Yu Ruo Le or Jasmine as you have named her.

We are both 43 years old and have been married since 1995. We have 1 adopted daughter, Carly Ann FuLi. Ken has 2 sons from a previous marriage, Alexander and Zachary. Carly came to us from the Hengdong SWI in Hunan Province China in February of 2005. We were lucky enough to celebrate Carly's first birthday just days after receiving her in China. Carly is now 4 years old. Ken's eldest son Alex is 20 years old and attends a Community College near home. Zach is 17 years old and is a Junior in High School. Both Alex and Zach reside with their Mother in a neighboring city near us and visit frequently.

We tried unsuccessfully to have our own children but were unable. That is why we decided to adopt our first child. The adoption process has been a wonderful experience for us and we are more than proud to have been able to call Carly our own.

We are so excited to be adopting Jasmine, we will be naming her Megan Le Ann. We know we will be able to provide her with a good, loving home and will help her to become whatever she may want to become. The pictures you have been able to provide have been amazing to see.. we can see she is well taken care of and loved while at your home.

We do not have a date to travel yet but our Social Worker with Lifelink seems to be confident that we will be traveling by June. We know you are probably as anxious as we are!

Attached is a picture of Ken, Leslie and Carly. Oh, we also have 2 dogs. That would be Boston on the left, and Webster on the right.

We will be seeing you and Megan soon, and will of course be keeping in touch and let you know when we will be traveling….

Ken & Leslie

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home


redmaryjanes said...

That is wonderful news and they look like a beautiful family.
I have 2 families who are getting their things to me this week and then I will be shipping the boxes this Saturday!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I love it when I see the kids getting their families... take care