Saturday, February 16, 2008

This is Sarah's Forever Family!!!!

I am happy to write and tell you about Sarah's forever family who are just waiting to come and get her, which could be as early as next month. Sarah is going to have three older brothers and that means she is going to get so much love and attention, which is exactly what she needs. Can you imagine her being the only girl!!!

We have four babies who are matched and we are just waiting for their families to come and get them: Sarah, Benjamin, Gabriel and Antoinette. I hear that Jasmine has a family too. That is yet to be confirmed with an agency, so being the first one of the flowers to be matched we could be hearing more news about Heather and Lily soon.

Poor Jade, we have not heard a thing about her family. In many ways it has been a blessing because I think that Jade is now ready to be adopted. I was not sure of that before. Jade has changed in so much and I think she has become so much more confident and outgoing. Jade just hated having her picture taken and it is a miracle if she smiled. She still does not like it but she is still more playful smiling as she turns away. It is now much more of a game for her.

Back to Sarah, here is Kelly, Sarah/Lily's mom writing about their family and the promise what is waiting for her in the US.

It has been a wonderful blessing getting to know Amanda and all that she does at Starfish for these precious little children. We have been matched with Sarah (soon to be Lily) since August but we didn't know that she was with Amanda until November and are now waiting for our permission to travel to China. We have 3 big boys at home-- Joseph (10), Daniel (13), and Luke (15), and we have been desiring to add a little girl to our family ever since the Lord put it on our hearts way back in August 2003. So you see it has been a long time coming, but God is good and He does hear our prayers and knows our hearts desires. We are so blessed and very excited to be only weeks away from holding our precious daughter. My husband, Craig, and our oldest son, Luke, will be traveling with me to China.

Lily's Mamaw and Papaw also live down the street from us and can't wait to hold their new granddaughter and our dear friends have two daughters from China that are under 3 are just waiting to welcome her home and be her buddies!


Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

That is so great all the kids getting their families and that they will be there soon... take care...

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that your babies
are going to such loving homes.
I know that you will miss them,
but because of your love and care
it is possible. Liz

redmaryjanes said...

They sound like a wonderful family. It must do your heart good to see your babies going to beautiful homes filled with love.

Anonymous said...

If you're wondering, the 2 people in the picture at the top are Sarah/Lily's grandparents!

Kelly aka Sarah/Lily's Mom