Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Long Awaited Update...

You know when life is getting really stressful when I do not write often.

The past few weeks have been soooo busy. When I came back from Shanghai I was so far behind with my emails and all the other work and I have just barely caught up. Within the last two weeks we have had two adoptions Angel/Ana and Michael John. They both went well not much crying. Ana is at home and she has bonded well with her sister and parents and Michael is still in China getting all the paperwork done before he goes back tot the US with his parents.

We have also added three more babies (Jack, Kaitlyn and Breanna). I have had to travel to Yulin to get Danielle and Rebecca's adoption medicals done and now it is Christmas. I have not had any inclination to put up any Christmas decorations because we have lost electricity on one side of the apartment and I have not had any time. We did at least take some Christmas pictures today and right after that I got the news: Our spina bifida doctor has summonsed me and I have to have Jack and Kaitlyn in Shanghai within the next day and a half. When Dr Bao says get your babies here I will drop everything and go!!!

Kaitlyn without a doubt has the biggest SB sack I have ever seen. It is much bigger than her head and getting bigger by the day. Jack has got a kind of SB that is a little strange. It takes a while close up and it is like a big open wound for a while. It has to be cleaned out well three times a day and then it forms a glass like sack that is almost see through. You can see the spinal fluid inside the MMC on this back. This is the same kind that Christopher had. Lily MMC was far under her skin and it seemed protected but Jack's sack looks like it could burst any minute.

Breanna is a heart baby and I have not even had time to take her for her echo to see what kind of heart condition she has. They have all three slept really well. Jack and Kaitlyn around the clock. Breanna is a wake for a while longer because she is four months to their two months. They have also picked up weight really well. All they do is sleep and eat.

The three flowers are doing so well. Heather is now holding her own bottle and she has been standing for longer periods of time. I am so pleased with her improvement but I wish it was faster. Considering where she was at in February she has made so many great strides. Heather fontanel (soft spot) has also closed so much compared to what it felt like right after her surgery when they put the shunt in to drain the fluid from the hydrocephalus. She really has the sweetest personality and loves to read. Lily is our little tadpole because she looks like a frog when she crawls. She is getting ready to stand up in spite of her foot which has some dropsy. Her hair has grown back after her surgery and boy is it beautiful. Thick and shiny. Jasmine has the makings of an Olympic athlete and she is just on the go all the time. She still looks like a boy but we are waiting for her hair to grow longer.

Antoinette has started calling me by my name. Mana. I thought it was really cute but there have been other ears I have a whole gang of babies calling me Mana. You should hear them at breakfast, calling me because they want something to eat. This morning I did not open my door fast enough for Antoinette and she called out: A-man-da. I was so surprised. She is picking up so much vocabulary. She is also equally good in understanding English and Chinese but I think she speaks more Chinese. Many of the nannies think that Breanna looks like Antoinette when she was a baby and I have to agree.

Well I will be out of the loop for 10 days to two weeks. No internet unless I go to the Faulker Motel, my favorite accommodation in Shanghai. I am sad I am not going to be at home to celebrate with the babies at Christmas but what a wonderful gift to have: The gift of having Jack and Kaitlyn's bodies healed.

Life, Love and Laughter,

Starfish Foster Home

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Glad to hear that all is going well... love to all the babies