Monday, November 26, 2007

Angel's Adoption is finalized!

This an an awefully sweet letter I go from Nina/Flowers mom after we had Angel/Ana get adopted yesterday. It comes with a well arranged slide show. We were at the same office doing the same sorts of things.


What better month to have this amazing recognition of family through the miracle of adoption then November, the month of thanks! We are so grateful for the choice of adoption. It has changed our lives and given us so much joy and awesome experiences. We were completely lead in our decision and it was amazing to watch everything fall into place from the very beginning. Both of us have always loved the idea of adoption and knew we would, with the exception of a couple of years from 2003 to 2005 where it just seemed to overwhelming a process. Now we know why. If we had gone through it then, we wouldn't have the amazing Miss Flower in our lives now! Her entire story and how she came to be apart of our family is so inspiring. We are so grateful for Flower's birth parents and are saddened that they will never see what and amazing little person she is. The pain they must have suffered while abandoning her, thinking they could never give her the medical attention she needed and not knowing whether she'd survive is heart wrenching. They will never know that she is perfect and thriving. Thank you to whoever you are. You have blessed our lives immensely and we love you for that selfless act. And then there's Amanda! If she had not scooped up our little Flower from the Big O at just 4 months, she likely wouldn't be here today. What an amazing lady filled with love! She made our adoption such a wonderful experience. She made the wait bearable by providing us with photos of Flower almost everyday. She has such a big heart full of love and compassion for these babies! We will forever be in debt to her for the love she showered on Flower some of the most important months of her life! We love you very much!

Here we are with Flower on our Gotcha Day, just 10 short months ago!

Well yesterday was a bitter sweet day, as all adoptions are. Angel woke up and I could tell that she was purlexed about what was going on. What I did not realize that she was not feeling very well on top of that. We got her ready and three of us were running around her trying to get her weighed, measured, foot printed and bathed for the last time. We got her all decked out and then gave her some breakfast before we took pictures with all the nannies and soon it was 8:15 am and time to leave.

We got to the Civil Affairs Bureau a little early. The babies from the orphanage had not arrived yet and so we waited for a while. Soon all nine the parents came with four children and I got to meet and hug Patrick and Jennifer. I was so glad that we got some quiet time before the rest of the kids arrived. Angel handled everything so beautifully!!!! She allowed her parents to hug and hold her and did not cry at all. I was just waiting for that distinctive sound to start and it never happened. At times being in the Adoption Office is really hard for me, because there is such pitiful cries. Yesterday a little boy cream cried for a long while. I want to hold him and whisper in his ear that everything was going to okay and that there were such wonderful things waiting for him.

We split up for a while while they went to take pictures and Kay, Brittany and I went to the Sofitel hotel next door to go and have some brunch. I think they have the best fries I have ever eaten. They are these HUGE steak fries. About 10 McDonald's fries together.

Later we met up again and we got to sit and talk about all the wild experiences we have had and how they got to adopt again. Ana is going to be the younger sister of Sophie whom the adopted two years ago. By afternoon Ana had a noisy rattle in her chest and I just loved watching Patrick and Jennifer take care of her needs. She finally fell asleep in her mom's arms and did not even wake up when her dad took over. I am so grateful for the love they are going to shower her with and for the life she will have because of their willingness to adopt.

It was a great day for us at Starfish and Angel/Ana made us look really good. I am so grateful for the miracle that it is to watch in person the "birthing" of a family. That moment when a parents gets to see and hold their child for the first time and I see the possibilities of a new life in the making.

When I got home last night Heather was so incredibly sweet. She was belly laughing every time Benjamin hit his bottle with his hands. Benjamin would not stop. He was just loving her reaction. Heather is getting stronger by the day. She has started weight bearing and is able to stand for longer periods of time.

In honor of Angel/Ana's adoption I will be starting the paperwork for another four babies today. Rose, Cailean, Christopher and Erica will have their finding ad pictures submitted to the orphanage. That means that they have their picture in the newspaper for two months to make sure no one is looking for them or they have not been kidnapped.

So grateful about the Life, Love and Laughter I get to expereince on a daily basis,

Minus one Angel in my foster home, but tucked in safely with her parents.

Starfish Foster Home


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

That photo of Ana walking off with her parents is the most gorgeous photo.. I will admit that I cried... I was having somewhat of a 'bad day' today - waiting for my turn... but seeing this photo made me think... my turn will come and knowing that our Shauna will showered in love... that little girl - whoever/wherever she is right now... has NO idea as to just how much love, hugs and kisses are waiting here for her... I never get sick of reading about the little starfish finding their ways to their families... thanks to all the 'grown up' starfish looking after the baby starfish...

Lisa said...

Dear Amanda,
I write this as we celebrate being united with our son from China for officially 8 months! What joy, what love, what happiness, oh what a mess 2 boys (ages now 5 and 6) can make. My days start off with the boys waking each other up with tickle fights and end the same way. I want to thank you for this particular post. I think many who have adopted tend to "forget" the other side of this part of the adoption process, the fact that these children are leaving lives and bonds behind. In some cases it is because of language and cultural issues, but more often I think it is the pain that our children come from difficult pasts. But it is their pasts and it is my belief that when we as parents agree to love the child it means the whole child, including their past. We have kept in touch with our son's foster family both by mail, and phone calls. At first it was hard for him, but now I believe it has aided him in his transition and his bonding. Thank you for sharing your side of these childrens' journeys.

Lori Mar said...

This story made my cry! I love the photo of the new family from behind.