Monday, October 22, 2007

Brittany Li Yijie: A long term Starfish Volunteer

I have a year long volunteer at Starfish. My very first long term volunteer. Brittany wrote this letter in September soon after she got here and I have not sent it. Sorry about that!!! Anyway I thought she should introduce herself to you. Brittany was born in Guangdong and her family moved to the US when she was about five. She is an only child and wants to become a doctor. She speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English of course. I also paid her to write the last paragraph....I am now broke!! Brittany is in the US at the moment where she is doing medical school interviews and she will be back some time before Thanksgiving.

Dear Starfish Supporters,

My name is Yijie (Brittany) Lin, and I am thrilled to begin my year volunteering at Starfish! I have recently graduated from Johns Hopkins and am here under a grant from the university.

Since my arrival a week ago, I have already fallen in love with the babies. Because I am currently applying to medical school, I am particularly interested in the medical aspect of the babies. I hope that during this year, I will gain not only an appreciation for life and health through the young eyes of an orphan, but also immerse myself in my native culture.

I would like to extend my thanks to Amanda for her amazing efforts and kind heart in saving my fellow Chinese brothers and sisters. I look forward to this year, and will definitely help Amanda keep you updated on the babies!


Yijie (Brittany) Lin

Starfish Foster Home


Mom of 5 said...

Nice letter !
What a mature gal.

redmaryjanes said...

What a amazing young woman.