Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jonas -- A three month update

I was delighted to hear from James' mom today. I just love to hear about the way our babies are doing. I was a little surpised at the sleeping thing. I am just glad that we got that taken care of before he left, because as a younger baby he was not a godd sleeper. We will be thinking of you all on September 13 when you have a boy in surgery and the three week arm band wearing. The wild thing: That is the day that James arrived at Starfish, September 13, 2005.

Oh my gosh hard to believe that Jojo has been with us just 3 months.- Things are going so well. The name Jojo has stuck with all of us - He will always be Jojo to me. He eats really well, sleeps like an angel. Sits in bathtub and loves it. He also got in the pool finally. He loves to play in the sink with water and cups. He is so smart!! He has really good fine motor skills. Loves to play outside. Loves to look at books. His favorite book is Goodnight Moon. He always wants what ever his sisters are eating or playing with. We had him baptized last Sunday. No crying when we poured the holy water on his head. He was so good during the entire service. I went back to work the first of August. We had some tearful goodbyes when I dropped him off but now he knows that I will be back to get him and he is all smiles and waves bye-bye when I leave and is so excited when I come to pick him up. He was scheduled to have his palate fixed on Aug. 23 but he had a cold so we have rescheduled for Sept.13th. He loves to look a pictures of you and I am such he recognizes you in them. There is such a huge difference in bringing home child that lived in a foster home vs. the welfare institute. We are so grateful for all you did for him. He stills has his moments (few) where he wants things his way or no way. He understands everything we say to him- great comprehension. He is trying so hard to talk. Makes all sorts of sounds. He is such a joy and has brought so much more love and happiness to our home. I have attached some photos here.


Anonymous said...

What a handome little guy!
And 2 pretty sisters!Marty

redmaryjanes said...

Oh my word, look at how big everyone is getting! They look so healthy and beautiful!