Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finding a Family for Michael

I am really sad today because it seems through experience I am learning that Chinese boys are not wanted as much as Chinese girls. I guess the media has worked the case for girls to such an extent, that in general, people do not think that there are so many boys who have special needs, who also need homes. Boys with special needs get abandoned at the same rate that special needs girls do. In China, a special need is any child who is not physically perfect. I am here to tell you that there are just as many special needs boys as there are girls!!!

This morning I got news that Michael has still not found a family. I so wanted that to happen quickly! So I am Michael's advocate and I want to help to find the family who are going to love him for the rest of his life.

Michael was born with a cleft lip and palette. He still needs to have some surgery to repair his mouth. He is a great kid with such a good heart. He loves the new babies and spends so much time touch them and looking at them. He is loves getting hugs and so affectionate. He has got a quick smile and does not cry often. He loves playing outside and eats well. He is also almost sleeping through the night and from time to time does. He loves dancing to the Wiggles too.

So please contact Amanda Young (great name -- easy to remember) if you are interested or know any one that might be. This is a letter from her. I hope that we have news about Michael's family soon.

Michael's file has been sent to La Vida International's Special Waiting Child Program, where they are currently looking for his forever family. A password is required to view medical/developmental and photographs of Michael. Please visit La Vida's waiting child description page and complete the password request form to view Michael's information. There are links available on the far right column of each child's descriptive information. Michael is listed as child P4. The page is linked below:

Additionally, if you have any questions please contact La Vida's Special Waiting Child Program Coordinator, Amanda Young at 1-800-513-1910.

Starfish Foster Home


Jewels of My Heart said...

He's beautiful. Your post made me so sad. There are so many children waiting for their families. I pray the Lord will move mountains to make more children available for adoption and more people will know that they have alittle one somewhere.
Will be lifting up Michael in prayer that he finds his Mommy and Daddy soon.
God Bless You

redmaryjanes said...

I am doing a post for Michael. I hope that he will soon find his forever family.
Big hugs to you Amanda. You have been on my mind.

Karrie said...

That agency usually finds homes quickly for the children on their list. I'm not sure why this time is different. There are 9 still waiting, boys and girls, and many are very young with VERY managable needs. ??? I love this little boy and will spread the word about him as well. I hope his family find him soon!!!!
Best wishes

Laura Beth said...

I think because of the May 1st change in CCAA rules there is just a much smaller pool of eligible adoptive parents and we are beginning to see the effects now on the waiting lists of children. There are many single women or parents over a certain age, or couples that haven't been married long enough, etc that would LOVE to adopt from China if they could.

Sandra said...

My heart goes out to Michael,I am a foster carer in England who would would give my right arm to give this dear little boy a forever family tomorrow, Especially as we have a chinese daughter-in-law who is married to our son Michael, they have a daughter called yasmin who is five years old,Without a doubt little Michael would fit in well, what say you! please keep up the good work and find a forever family for Michael, if not you will have to track us down!! Love Sandra.