Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Look what we have.....

For those who have been asking why I am not writing, here is the answer: We have added not one, not two but three newborn babies. Allow me to introduce you to Cailean (pronounced kaylin), Erica and Christopher. Jane, our volunteer from Ireland gave Cailean his good Irish name which means warrior or fighter. Kay Huang Kastner named Erica in honor of her new husband Will whose middle name is Eric and Christopher got his name from and Australian family, Toni and Paul Faulker and their two boys, Samuel and Jackson. They all have spina bifida.

I have not had such small babies in a long time and take care of them is quiet the job and it requires the cooperation of many. I am so grateful for all the people who have helped. Christopher is on two hourly feeds. He is the smallest of the group. He moves around a lot and he grabs on to things surprisingly well. Erica is a high maintenance girl. She can hold milk in her mouth and not swallow it and then spit it out. So there is no way to feed her if she does not want to eat. She screams so loudly when she has her diaper changed, but Paul discovered that she likes her feet rubbed. Cailean is eating well but can throw up without warning. So our little foster home is bursting at the seams. The one truly wonderful thing: THEY ALL SLEEP REALLY WELL.

So we are now going to feed them and lay the love on thick so that they can be ready for surgery in three months. I am so hopeful because of what happened with Sean. He started of at the same place and he is now such a big boy. A real Buddha belly.

We have been celebrating lots of birthdays. Antoinette had her second and she got her own toy cell phone. She loves talking on the phone. It was so cute to see how she mimics the adults. Jeannie and Rachel had their birthdays on the same day and Nathaniel is also one now. Sarah is beginning to get brave and is giving a few steps on her own and we are trying to encourage her to walk. There are so many babies teething that it gets a little noisy here some times. The one who is taking it the hardest is Jeannie, gone is her smiley face.

We have had quiet a few volunteers from all over the world. I am so grateful for the help of every single one. The Faulkners from Australia, Jane from Ireland and Makinna, Katelin, Jamie and Peggy who are all from the USA. You make my life interesting and I love to hear your life stories and learn from you. Thank you for being so helpful. I must make a special mention of my favorite story. Samuel Faulkner, who is only ten years old would roll out of bed with his hair still standing up from sleeping on it, so that he could come and play with the babies. I think he would have taken Lily home in a heart beat.

Love and laughter,


redmaryjanes said...

They all look to small. What darlings. We have added our names to receive the SN list from our agency Bethany. Maybe we could be lucky enough to have one of your babies in our home.

Jewels of My Heart said...

They are so beautiful... so precious... Thank You Jesus for beautiful people like yourself to care and love for the little ones...
God's Speed baby loves to your Mommy and Daddys.... may He hold you in His loving arms until you are safely home... God's Speed

Veronika said...

They are so incredibly tiny and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! What little wee ones
you got this time. May all the love
and care they receive make them strong for their future surgeries.
May the good Lord be working on
some mommies and daddies hearts to
apply for all your babies.

TBG Happenings said...

wow itttybitty babies! You will be very busy for some time!!!

How are all you "big kids". I miss seeing their faces too.

Be well


mum2brady said...

Amanda - they're precious!!! I hope all is going well :)

I nominated you for a Blogger Reflection award, as you and your babies have touched my heart :) You can check it out at my blog :)


You are wonderful!!!

RoLo said...

They are so small and look so delicate. I am so glad that they have "found" you and your team of miracle workers.

Nicole said...

How precious and what glory you are bringing to God's kingdom. I heard about you from a friend who adopted recently from China, however she has forgotten to email me your address. Then I saw you on Christine (Brady's Bunch) blogger reflection award and finally I get to read your words. Thank you for sharing your journey!