Friday, June 29, 2007

Here is a letter from Jonas/James' mom and I am so happy to know that he is doing well and that he has adapted so well to his family.

We did make it home and had quiet a welcoming party at the airport. He did really well on the airplane trip home (14 hours). When he met his new sisters he was not afraid at all. And the sisters OH they were so excited to see him They were and still are very nurturing of him. They wanted to hold him (settled for holding his hand which he readily agreed to). I think he was very excited to see children his size. Yesterday Maggie & Ellie fought over who would change his diaper next. They want to feed him - but of course he will not have any of that. He is so independent - wants to do everything himself. It's his way or no way. He is sleeping pretty good. Takes 2 -3 hour naps and goes to bed about 7:30pm but for the past two nights he wakes up at about 12:00am and is up for an hour or two. We are still having troubles at bath time. He seems interested in cups or bowls to play with the water but won't sit down and cries after about 1 min. I had both girls get in the tub with him tonight but that didn't help either. We were afraid he would cry a lot when we had to put him in a car seat to drive home from the airport-but no he just went with the flow with the other kids and when we put on the girls music in the car he was so excited. At one time we were all signing "If you are happy and you know it , etc..." He seems to have two speeds fast and off. He really goes, goes, goes all day. I tried to brush his teeth tonite - that didn't go too good either.

This is a few days ago....
Things are going well here. Jojo loves to ride in the car. He also loves the stroller (but only I can push it) :) Loves to swing at the park. He has learned some sign language and how to kiss. We are having great fun with him. He also enjoys our little kiddie cars and popscicles. He has been sleeping through the night all this week.

Love and laughter,


angee said...

what an adorable little family! he looks so happy and content. well done amanda!

redmaryjanes said...

That is such wonderful news. It must do your heart so good to see him so happy with his new family. You will always be in his heart though.