Monday, May 14, 2007

Three blooming flowers

Well it has taken me a long time to get back into the flow of things at home. I am still so behind in some of the things I have to do and I am going back to my favorite man in China Dr Li. We are talking four babies to him on May 22. He is the only man I trust with my babies hearts in China. I also love Dr Tan and the great care she gives the babies in SICU and for being so patient with all my questions.

The three flowers got their stitches out. It was quiet funny because I asked one of the nurses I know from the US, Millie to come over and she brought her husband who is a vet. So that will be a story to tell for a long time. An animal doctor took your stitches out. Jasmine has shown no signs that she even had surgery. She is sitting up on her own and you can clearly see her teeth coming. Lily did not even cry when her stitches came out. She is so friendly and lies down flat on her back without any problem. In the time that we have been home Heather's head has shrunk 1 cm. The doctors told me this will happen because the hydrocephalus is gone. She is eating really well and has cut her upper two teeth. They are huge and she is going to look like a rabbit I am sure. She still does not lay on her back with her head facing forward but I am sure that will take a little bit longer. She is getting stronger and stronger and I think she will be able to sit on her own soon.

About Matthew and Carrie: They stayed in the hospital for a while longer. Carrie got her surgery and the great news was that she got some more feeling in her legs. Matthew was so jealous of her. The night she was not suppose to eat, he did not want to eat either because he thought Dr Lazareff was going to be able to do his surgery. His little heart was so sad when we explained that he needs so have two doctors to do his surgery. The good news is that there is a orthopedic surgeon coming from Cincinnati and he will hopefully perform the surgery with Dr Bao from SCMC. Matthew was told that after his surgery he can go to school and he is so excited to be able to do that. He accepted the decision and then went out and charmed all the people on the floor. He is extremely inquisitive and eager to learn. Both he and Carrie are so incredibly sweet and I hope they will get their paperwork done and be adopted. They would make sure great older children adoptions. They were so cute together. Matthew is definitely the leader and Carrie just loved following him around. She has the tenderest little heart and the most gorgeous smile. We all fell in love with the two of them.

I got the bill for the three babies and the total was so much less than what I expected. As a matter of fact it was the price we expected for just one child. Because Matthew did not have his surgery we will keep the money for the next chance he gets. You can imagine how happy I was to hear that. It means that we will have so much more in the medical fund to help the heart babies. Thank you so very much for everyone who so willingly send donations for the spina bifida babies. I hope that you will understand the important connection there is between your donation to them and the incredible life long difference the surgeries make in the lives of the babies. My special thanks go out to the students of Timpview High School in Utah who donated specifically to this surgery. You set a great example of what can be done when everyone works together for a great cause. Thanks to each one of you and may Heavenly Father bless your generous hearts and creative ways of fundraising.

Nathaniel is also in the teething business and I do not think he likes it much. He has been really fussy and we have not given him anything to teeth on. His lip looks so good. I worry about him crying so much and pulling his lip apart. Sarah for her part is crawling along and beginning to stand up against things she will be walking soon. Thank you again to Gena's team who took such great care to do the best job for the all the children who went to Nanchang.

The update on the camera. Like I expected the LCD screen is too expensive to fix compared to the cost of the camera and I am planning to get another one. I take so many pictures and I have decided to upgrade and see if I can get a Canon that is sort of mid range priced. I love taking good pictures and so I think it is time to make my heart glad.

The weather has turned hot and humid and we spend three days getting all the winter clothes put away and the summer clothing out. The babies have the most beautiful outfits. The other thing: I cannot believe how everyone has grown. Last year this time Michael, Sarah and Gabriel were in preemie clothes and now they are all near 10 kg and have fat rolls in the cutest places like Sarah on her wrists. I see outfits and I think of Nina/Flower and Jonas from two years ago. I can't believe that Jonas is into 2T clothes and often times 3T. Jonas' shoe size is a 6. We are growing them big.

I have been without internet for three days, so this is kind of old news. I am going to take some pictures and send them later.

Oh yes happy belated mother's day. My mother's day gift was not flowers but another baby. I will tell you about her soon.

Love and laughter,
Amanda and three blooming flowers.


Veronika said...

Thank you very much for the update on all the babies. It's good to hear that they are doing so well. Can't wait to hear about your new baby! What an awesome Mother's day gift.

Colin Family said...

I am a new reader of sorts and noticed in yoour Easter blog that you are in need of little boy clothing? What sizes are you in need of most? If you can email me the mailing information and different things you need I would love to help!

Leslie Colin

Gail said...

Amanda, you are truly a treasure to this world! Happy Mom's Day to you! hugs and Cuddles to those beautiful babes.

TBG Happenings said...

A baby for mothers day....perfect!!

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing so well!

Happy mothers day Amanda,


redmaryjanes said...

What wonderful news about all of the surgeries!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know I ran into Laura Joan and her mom and brother when taking my girl from Jiangsu to the cleft team. I have been following your blog for a while now, and I recognized them from your site. Laura Joan ran over to play with my little girl. She was doing so amazingly. She was a bundle of energy and full of life. You guys seem to have gotten her off to a good start and she seems to be doing wonderfully. Her mom was really nice too.