Thursday, May 24, 2007

Olivia's Surgery

We got word last night late that Dr Li found some of the rare blood and that Olivia was going to have her surgery this morning. They had to do her echo in the OR because we tried three times to get the echo done and every time she woke up. I also found out that Danielle is going to get a bi-directional glen put in on Tuesday with Rachel's surgery on the same day. I have no information at all yet about what this actually is, all I knwo is that Dr Li will do it.

I saw Rebecca in the SICU last night and boy was she was fighting it. She was moving around so much that they gave her a sedative. She looked really good and Bethany and Jenni were very interested in what they were doing.

I will have to tell you about these two girls when I have some more time to write.

Thank you for all the prayers on behalf of the babies and for Dr Li and the medical staff here.

Love and laughter,


redmaryjanes said...

I am praying for little Olivia.

helen\olivia said...

I was finally very happy to wait until olivia news!I everyday the dream arrive her!Sincerely pray olivia peaceful!The other baby is peaceful!The hope get more her news!