Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter...a little late

I have to apologise for not sending these out sooner. Life has been really hectic and I am in the middle of making arrangements for surgeries in two places but I will write about that later in the week. I will also remember Easter Sunday this year as the day I found out that we have become a charity. Our application was approved for tax free status in the US. That was a big step forward for us. We had been working on it since June 2006.

Some of these pictures were taken by me and some by Jim Wright. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the ones that we really liked. See if you can count the ones crying! It was not a good picture but we did try. We did not take many of the boys becuase we did not have any clothes for them.

Love and laughter,
Amanda and the 16 some'bunnies" at Starfish


Anonymous said...

PLease e-mail me back and let me know what you need! I have a group here that will get it together and send it!

Anonymous said...

You are in need of little boy
clothes what size and kind?
Your babies are beautiful.
Praying that each will soon be
with the family that God has
planned for them.

Amy said...

Thanks for the Easter photos---while looking at them I felt the overwhelming need to squeeze (in a good way, like a huge hug :))those cute babies!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

So very sweet....