Monday, March 26, 2007

Gabriel....our lastest walker

It seems like just a few days ago the six babies arrived and we got to force feed Gabriel and Michael because neither of the two of them wanted to eat. That folks, would be 4 oz bottles with a dropper, twice. You would just be finished and you would almost have to start again and to top that off they both screamed all the way through, sounding like little piglets. Sarah was great at eating but even better at throwing up. You would feed her and without any warning what so ever she would become a milk fountain. It actually really funny because we still all jump when she starts to cough. We have all been showered in milk enough to be nervous.

Last night for the first time Gabriel walked between Kay and I. He has the funniest gait, with his feet out sideways. As you can imagine he is so proud of himself and when we clapped out hands to encourage him, he also clapped his hands. Talking about hands...he has the biggest hands! They are as big as Jonas' who is almost nine months older than him. (Jonas' hand is in the middle) Michael and Sarah showed the most interest in Gabriel walking. Michael started cruising the furniture this week and two nights ago Sarah crawled for the first time. Gabriel and Michael are the same height 71 cm, but Gabriel weighs more. As a matter of fact he weighs more that Benjamin now. I am so nervous just thinking about having them all in arm bands for three weeks after their surgeries when they are at this stage. How are we going to prevent any one from crashing on their faces? Luckily they three of them are having their palettes repaired so it is somewhat protected.

Gabriel is also such a wonderful eater now. He will open his mouth for anything that we are eating and very seldom spits anything out, unlike some other little people in the house. He loves big people food and is not to happy drinking milk which is a good thing. With him walking and not having milk all the time I am sure he is going to slim down some and hopefully join the gym that Jonas goes to during the night.

His other favorite sport, he loves pulling over the high chairs and the garbage while he standing in his walker. I bought three high chairs at Ikea a few weeks ago and they are just wonderful for the younger babies but Gabriel hangs on them until they fall over, not good. He is the only one who does this and I do not want him to teach anyone else how to do it.

I love looking at the older pictures and seeing how far we have come.

Love and laughter,


Anonymous said...

I check your blog every day, sometimes more often and am inspired to be all I can be and to see Jesus in every you.

Veronika said...

The time just passes so fast, I can't believe the wonderful progress all the babies have made. Thanks for sharing with us. I'll be praying every day for the surgeries still ahead. Blessings!

redmaryjanes said...

It is wonderful to see them growing and hear about how they are developing. Your blog is such a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Is your facility in an apartment
building? In some of the pictures
it looks like you are several stories up by the vistas from the
windows. Do you have people who
work like a shift with you and then
go home? You are a most loving person the way you have been able to get these babies and love them.
May all the babies be made well and
find loving homes. An Admirer