Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Flower's home!!!

I forgot to mention that Flower Opal made it home with her mom and dad, safe and sound. Here is an excerpt from the last letter:

Our first flight was from Guangzhou to Tokyo Japan. That was about 3 hours. We left at about 8:45 am. Flower was pretty full of energy for that flight. We landed in Tokyo and had about 20 minutes until we boarded our flight to Portland. That was a long flight. It was only about 8 hours, so not as long as our flight to Korea. But when you have a 21 month old child, flights seem a lot longer. We tried to get Flower to sleep because it is bed time for her in China, but she was fighting back her sleep so much that she started to get pretty noisy. KG made a bottle of chocolate milk for her and put some of the liquid from a nyquil pill into it to try to help her sleep. It obviously made her tired but she still kept fighting it. Finally about 2 hours before the plane landed she finally fell asleep. About time! The fun part is we left China at 8:45 am Sunday February 4th and got to Portland at 7:00 am Sunday February 4th. We went back in time! Now we are sitting in the Portland Airport with a 4 hour layover. We could have rented a car and driven half way home! Well, we landed in Boise right on time at 2:00 p.m. We had a huge amount of people at the airport including both sets of our parents, Grandma Madison, Grandma and Grandpa Hunter, Grandma Jensen, all three of my siblings and spouses plus their kids, KG's youngest brother's girlfriend and his daughter, our SW Jessica (with the cutest teddy bear in hand!), the Rummler's (good thing too cause they had to bring us our car and take our luggage in their van!), the Klein's, and we were especially grateful and so excited to see that KG's brother and our nephew, Justin and Adam, drove all the way from Arizona Friday night just to be here to meet Flower, and they have to leave first thing Monday morning! Flower did so well! She walked right off the plane and through the doors! She has such a commanding little walk. She of course got overwhelmed with the crowd and wanted daddy to hold her but then she was fine and happy to greet everyone that had been so excited to meet her! We were so overwhelmed and touched by the amount of love that was there and showered upon us! I cried of course as soon as I started hugging everyone. We were just so tired! After an hour of fun and greetings we were headed home.

Good news all around. Attached is a photo taken by Grandma Laura. Can you believe that! She also has an aunt named Amanda!!!

Love and laughter,


Anonymous said...

The nyquil plus choc. milk is a little scary. Glad they made it home safe and sound. Sometimes babies don't want to sleep....but eventually they do!!

TBG Happenings said...

Happy to see everyone made it home safe. Amanda how wonderful it is for you to be able to follow the babies after they go home!


redmaryjanes said...

It sounds like she has a lot of people who are going to love her and help her throughout her life.
How wonderful for her.