Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bonnie and Andy's decision

I know that so many of you have followed the experiences of Susan's parents and so I am so sure you would want to know about their new decision.

Andy and I have decided, after much soul-searching and many prayers, that we want to pursue adoption in China, even after our 2 losses. We feel that God has a child for us, and that we have the love and desire for another child. I don't know exactly what path we will take, but at least we know we will keep moving forward. Our lives are forever changed after loving and losing Susan and Mandi. We are even more passionate about the plight of orphans in this world. We have an even greater appreciation for how much we have in terms of availability of excellent medical care, the love that exists in our family, our capacity for love and hurt, and our desire to make a difference in the lives of those without families. May God continue to direct our path and our hearts as we seek His will and look for our next child.

What a courageous decision and a willingness to listen to the direction that God would want them to take. I am in awe of their ability not to be defeated by the painful loss of Susan and Mandi. So many people would have given up. I am in awe!!!

Love and laughter,


redmaryjanes said...

God Bless Them! I am inspired by their decision to open their hearts once again to another child. I hope that everything works out beautifully.

Kim said...

I am so happy that they have allowed GOD to speak to their hearts and not give up on what they feel HE is leading them to do! What a special family!God will reveal their daughter to them in his timing! My prayer is that GOD will bless them richly and they will be holding their daughter soon!

Val said...

How easy it would be to be too discouraged to keep seeking their child. I pray they find joy in the morning...

The Carmodys said...

Wow - I too am in awe. What an amazing couple! I hope they read this and know how many people are blessed by their decisions. May God continue to bless them and their family. I look forward to hearing more about their journey.


redmaryjanes said...


I have a good friend who has adopted one little boy from China who was born with a heart defect and is now just fine. They are looking for a daughter and are interested in finding a child with a heart issue since they have a wonderful pediatric cardiologist. I know that you had mentioned in one of your blogs that there was a baby girl abandoned with a heart defect and you were trying to find her. This may be naive of me, but is there a way for a parent here to work with you in a child placement through an agency here? Bethany is here where we live and I also saw you reference them in a previous post.
Please let me know. I showed him your site.

mum2brady said...

Bonnie and Andy - wishing you the best in your new journey in China. Praying that God will lead you to the child that is right for your family, and that he/she will be in your arms soon!