Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Dobson Update

I thought you might want to read about baby Amanda and her new adventures:

OK... it's been a tired few days since last Wed when we touched down, but Amanda is doing great!! We just have our days and nights reversed. Everyday gets much better in that department. Mike's giving me a hard time about how we may be changing her not so much for the good... from Baby Einstein to Spongebob (Michael's current favorite unfortunately); Tofu for breakfast to Mcdonalds... I've got the complete opposite problem as Evelyn with the siblings - little Michael loves her too much - if Amanda cries, Michael cries and then we all cry. I had to put her in the crib to run to a much needed bathroom and I swear if Michael knew how to dial 911 he would have called it. He gave me such a hard time... mom don't ever do that again, she doesn't like it. Sticking with the same bottles has been great - she seems to be doing great on eating and drinking. Michael starts back to pre-school tomorrow so I plan to go shopping for some girl things in the morning. Amanda is a sweet heart about playing with dinosaurs, cars and Tupperware right now.

Here is a picture of Amanda with older sister Christie and older brother Michael. I love to see this kind of thing: One happy kid with a family!!!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, that's so sweet about how concerned her older brother is. It kind of reminds me of how my daughter cried for her brother when he was getting imunized!