Saturday, December 23, 2006

An awesome song

I am so grateful to Rachel for sending me this. She and her husband are adopting two children at the SAME time, Jayden is from South America and Lillian is from Africa.

I was so touch by the sentiment in this video and it would be my very greatest wish for each child without a family that they too can find one, who will sing happy birthday for a hundred years and help to teach them the meaning of love. I know that for the 14 that are in my care this is most likely going to happen in the not so distant future. I am so grateful to the families who have the tenacity and patience to adopt. It has been one of my greatest blessings to experience Laura and Amanda's adoptions this past year. I thought you would also like to know that the adoption medicals were completed yesterday and all the adoption papers for Jade, Angel, Benjamin, Gabriel, Michael and Sarah were sent in. I know that there are six families that have no idea of the blessings that are waiting for them.

Rachel also sent this information: Here are some statistics about orphans that I received in an email from Voice of the Orphan (a group started by Steven Curtis Chapman, Focus on the Family and a few other Christian groups). In the U.S. there are over 118,000 children waiting to be adopted. In Asia, there are 87.6 million children without parents. In Sub-Sahara Africa there are over 43 million orphans. In Latin America and the Caribbean there are 12.4 million children waiting. Know you know.....may you heart be moved enough to go and do something about it or help in any way you can.

Love and laughter,


Veronika said...

I'm so glad to hear that your little ones will have a chance to find their families. Jade has touched a part of my heart and I so wish that I could adopt her. My wish for all of them is that they will find parents who will love and cherish them as much as you have.

Anonymous said...

The picture is so cute and I love it. I came to know 'bout you and your wonderful work when my son's school organised a Xmas donation drive for your orphanage. I'm so glad that they did and for my son to learn the gift of sharing. Here's wishing you and your children a HAPPY & MERRY XMAS and our prayers and thoughts are with you always.
Cheers ......... Sharon

Anonymous said...

And yet, China is turning down good families because one of the parents is overweight or they don't have a net worth of 80,000, neither of which, in my opinion, impacts one's ability to parent.

Anonymous said...

And a Merry Christmas to you all as well!!!!

So darling ... what delightful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them!