Monday, November 13, 2006

The saga of the dryer

I am happy to report that for those of you who have been closely following the saga of the dryer: WE FINALLY HAVE A DRYER. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to be able to say that.

I got a tip from one of the foreigners who lives here, Ruth Hall, about a place that sold imported dryers with Chinese electrical systems. So went over there and tried to buy a dryer in Chinese. Big mistake, I had no idea what I was doing. Trying to find out if there which one would work for me was difficult because there are no dryers to look at you are browsing catalogues. All I understood was the name and the price which was shocking to me. All the big names were there German, British and American dryers at a steep cost. I landed up with a lower priced Italian dryer which does not use a vent but condenses water. They had to order it an it took two weeks to get here. I even tried to find some information using google and I could find all languages except English, so I still did not know what I was getting. Luckily after the dryer was delivered, it came with an English instruction manual which I have not read. I just threw the clothes in and pushed the button. A few days ago we started using the dryer in earnest because the laundry just piled up. I just love the smell that it leaves in the house. So now I am doing laundry through the night. Lucky me!! The door just pops open when you push on it. It is so easy even a baby can do it and they have!!! I go over there and the drying cycle has stopped because someone opened the door. Live and learn.

Love and laughter,
Amanda with boxes of dryer sheets

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