Saturday, November 25, 2006

First Cereal

As I had mentioned I was planning on starting Michael, Gabriel and Sarah on their first cereal. I think the pictures say it all. Michael did not want to swallow he just sat with the cereal in his mouth. Gabriel promptly spat it out and then sucked his finger. That is exactly what Jonas did for the longest time. Sarah snorted all of it out of her noise and generally looked bored with the whole thing. Olivia has been allowed out of the room with the babies who just came home from the hospital and we are going to start her on cereal too.

Love and laughter,


Stephanie said...

Hi Amanda!

I'm Stephanie, one of the translators in our Hefei mission.

Your story of "First Cereal" impressed me a lot. Because one of the kids under foster care in my hometown Kaifeng will also eat cereal, our nutriton director recommended. Is the cereal so bad tasted? I'm begining worried about that baby.


Verna said...

Hi ladies, Dumb question here but do you mix the cereal with some fruit or other flavor? Babies are so funny with cereal. I think the texture is kind of a shock to them too. Keep up the good work. Love watching your babies as we wait and wait and wait for a referral here in the states.

hppy2bamom said...

Hi Amanda,

You have to love their little expressions when you put the cereal in their mouthes. You are amazing and I love reading your posts.

Keep up the wonder work you are doing. Thank you.