Sunday, October 29, 2006

Adoption Paper Pictures

I took some pictures of the five newer babies and I wanted to share them because they look so absolutely adorable. They have to be taken against a red background. These photos will then be placed in the newspapers for two months to try and find their parents. This is to help parents come forward if their babies have been stolen. They are also used for the first picture the parents will see on the adoption papers.

Sean has discovered that outside of food, there are his hands. He has kept himself amused for long periods of time by looking at his fist. He is finally more awake during the day and he is also smiling more. Last night, Deborah made a comment about him being able to see out of his eyes. When he smiles his eyes close because of all the fat on his face. That was funny!!

Rachel has also started smiling. She loves being wrapped up in a big blanket. We were leaving her with a blanket to cover her but I found out that the more she feels like she is being held, the better she likes it and she is sleeping for longer periods of time. Dr Li thinks that it is still possible that her heart condition can correct itself as she grows older. We have to do test when she is a few months older and keep on monitoring it.

Nathaniel is visibly growing. He is eating up a storm. He is still being "griped". This morning he had a 4oz bottle. That is just amazing because he is so small and I am not sure where the milk is going, but it is making him sleep better and when he is awake now, he is not fussing so much.

Hank is becoming legendary. I think we will remember him for his explosive projectile poops. The boy has poops that shoot across a room. On Tuesday he had an explosion that hit the bathtub about 2 meters from the changing table. We are all a little nervous when changing his diapers. I think we should prepare plastic protective gear for anyone who is brave enough.

Olivia is smiling so much. I have discovered that she is ticklish and so it is fun to make her laugh out loud. She also laughs when you kiss her in her neck. She is not eating very well and refuses bottles all the time. Unlike the other babies who ate as many bottles as you could offer them, Olivia is not really interested in food, but when she drinks, she will drink 7 ounces at one time. She sleeps really well at night and so she is pretty easy to take care of.


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