Friday, August 11, 2006

No Surgeries

None of the babies had their surgeries and all of us are back home. The surgeon that was suppose to fly out, had his wife become sick and he ended up not coming. I was sad but I understand that some of these emergencies cannot be avoided. I am just glad that I did not travel across country to have me come back without success. There are some other options: I met with a local Chinese doctor who was recommended by Love Without Boundaries (LWB). He has been doing this for 20 years and has done 10,000 cleft palette surgeries. I could take them all there or I can wait for LWB to come to China in October. Kay will be able to travel with me and so we could take all four and Sarah would be at a more acceptable weight. I am leaning towards going to LWB because they have been so helpful to us and I would love for them to meet the babies I have written so much about.

Love and laughter,

Amanda and the 12 with not an arm splint in sight.


Amanda said...

Hi Amanda, my name is also Amanda and a friend of my mom gave me a link to your blog since I am also very intersted in returning to China to help as lead. I enjoyed reading your blog and wondered how one might volunteer to help at your foster home. I was in Xi'an last fall on a courier trip and returned to China for the same reasons in June. My heart is to go back to China and serve as the LORD leads.

catbertie said...

Congrats on your new blog site! It looks just like mine....if only you could open it!!

We're praying for you in Indiana....