Thursday, August 10, 2006

Laura's Going to Nanjing, Susan is Home!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 6:58 PM PDT

I got word from the big O that Laura will be allowed to go to Nanjing to have her cleft palette repaired with Jonas. I am hoping that both his palette and lip will be repaired at the same time. We have to be in Nanjing on May 27. I am leaning toward flying because being in the train with Laura would be a hazard that I am not I want to attempt. Keeping her off the floor and occupied with take some doing. Not to even mention having Jonas. I will need to check into some plane tickets.

Susan came out of the hospital yesterday. She is not fully recovered, but I felt that she would do the best at home. While in the hospital Susan started eating like a horse times two. She always eats well but for instance yesterday she ate more than four 6 oz bottles and three rice cereal meals. She missed the weigh in yesterday so I decided to weigh her this morning before we fed her. The happy news she broke the 5 kg mark. She is now at 5.2kg. Since her last weigh in she picked up an unheard of 0.5 kg. In the life of Susan that is a weight gain of a month or more if we are lucky. I hope that is permanent.

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