Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another Update!

Monday, February 20, 2006 at 11:40 AM PST

Today has been a really interesting day.

After I went to see Susan this morning, I left to go to the Hang Zhou silk market, about a 20 minute walk. I have been in China too long, because there was nothing I wanted to buy. I did find some shoes across the road and while I am there Dr.Li calls me and he says: Come to my office right now, where are you? I panic and start running (take a moment and imagine that) back to the office. I thought something terrible had happened. Ten minutes later he calls again, and I am hurrying try to get back to the hospital. I ask him what happened he tells me that there are a room full of reporters waiting for me. Indeed there was! About 15 people in all! Newspaper and TV. Looking at my three pairs of baby shoes and listening to my story, taking pictures, talking about Susan's operation and finally going to visit her in the ICU.

This afternoon I entertained another 15. Same questions, same story with a visit to the ICU. This time there were some added photos of our CNY pictures and the real dog (no one believes me) and one of my favorite pictures taken two days after the babies arrived and the five of us fell asleep on the couch. You can see I look shell shocked with red eyes. That picture told the whole story. Dr.Li says he wants to get me as famous in Hang Zhou as I am in Xian. I just laughed because in Xian people are stopping me in the street and calling me by name. I was on TV everyday during the Spring Festival. In the airport coming here with Susan about 6 people talked to me and one person knew my name.

The other good news. Susan will be out of the ICU tomorrow morning. Dr Tan told me today. They wanted to release her today but Dr.Li suggested another day. Susan hardly looked at me today. She was so interested in the reporters and all the cameras. Dr Tan said that she did not have any medicine to sedate her since she was calm and did not struggle. They tie her hands and feet to prevent her from kicking the needles and tubes that are all around her. The oxygen levels in her lungs are responding so wonderfully!!! Even though they have taken the oxygen mask off, thus decreasing the flow of pure oxygen, the levels in her lungs have remained stable. Today she looked alert and curious. I am really eager to hold her. Dr. Li thought she was going to be in ICU for seven days and it has been half the time.

Just a side story. Last Saturday there was a little girl about 5 years old. She had her surgery on Thursday, a day before Susan. While I was in the ICU I heard her cry for her grandmother a few times. Then I hear her say to the nurses, please help me to get out of here. They sedated her and she soon fell asleep. Today, Monday I was in Dr.Li's office when the same little girl comes walking in. I was just amazed at her. She was moving around so soon after her heart surgery.

So that's my update.

Love and laughter,


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