Saturday, March 05, 2016

An update on our new ones....

Joel is doing great! We're treating the rash on his head and it's already a lot better!
He absolutely loves all the attention and is thriving!!

John is getting better too. He had a terrible cough and we put him on antibiotics straight away.
We're also treating the rash that was all over his face and in his ears with an anti fungus cream. It's already a lot better! John is not smiling yet. He seems overwhelmed with all the attention, cuddles and sounds.... but I'm sure he will get used to our crazy home soon. 
He's the same age as Maya but is not able to hold his head up, sit or crawl. We all hope he will catch up soon!!!

Charlotte is seriously tiny. She's 7 months old but looks like a newborn....
We had to bring her to hospital where they diagnosed her with a severe lung infection, chest infection, diarrhea and malnourishment, so she's in PICU now. They could not guarantee she will survive.... Fight little sweetheart, we can't wait to get you back and hug you again!!

Owen is improving so fast!! He's now drinking 20ml on his own from a bottle and we feed him more with his tube. I'm sure we can get rid of his tube before the month is over!! Yay!!

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Anonymous said...

Jett, you and your team do amazing life changing work. Bravo to you and all of your team.
It is good to hear that all 4 children are improving.
Sending healing energy and prayers for Charlotte.
Hugs to all of you,
Cretha and Lila