Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays from the Tjarks!

Our family has spent 10 months in China now: Proud to say we now have 8 children in our home! We arranged 3 life saving heart surgeries, 4 kids needed other hospital care, 3 of them stayed in ICU... and next week Luca will get his second hip surgery in Shanghai. We all miss him very much and can't wait for him to get home again!
We are waiting for our first babies to get adopted now. Can't wait to hear were on this earth they will be going..... it will be hard to say goodbye, but also exciting to know they will have a loving family.

2014 has been so, so busy, but so rewarding! Every day throws something different at you..  It has also been a hard year on Starfish finances though.... we need to get more monthly donations to keep doing what we are doing and to be able to get more children to make a difference for them too. Please don't think because you can only donate a little amount it will not make a difference, because it certainly will.

I'm sorry I have done most of my updates on Facebook and not so much on this blog; I'll try to do better next year! Of course you're welcome to like our Facebook page too... ;-)
We got our 2000th like on Facebook this week! Just imagine what 2000 people can do if they all donate a little bit. Amanda always said: "It takes a village to raise a child." Let us be that village and make it possible.... 

Thank you for all the support we got this year; it really means a lot! I will try to post some more before-after photos next year. One of my favorite things!

Happy holidays from the Tjarks family!

Dream it, Live it, Love it,
Jet Tjarks

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Dream it, Live it, Love it

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