Sunday, December 11, 2011

News from Mei-Li in the Netherlands

Dear Amanda,
It's almost 2012 and we can look back on a very good year.

Mei-Li is almost 6 years old and  more than 3 years with us in the Netherlands.
We enjoy every day with our daughters and we can't imagine a life without them.
We are very lucky to be the parents of these beautiful girls. Thanks to you Mei-Li is a very healthy, happy, social and loving little girl. She's an example for many people and she makes many people smile.

She still has a very good contact with Norah (Rachel from Starfish). They are so connected to each other and very very best friends. They lived together at Starfish for 2 years and they still feel like sisters. So special! We also have a very good contact with Jian and his parents. (Baby # 3 in the Netherlands)

Last summer we went to Portugal. Mei-Li loved the sun, sea, sand and the food.
This year she started swimming lessons. In November she received her swimming diploma A.

At school she is doing great. She learns really fast and she learned herself to read, count, calculate and write. It's really amazing how fast she learns. She is very eager to learn.
In August she went to the hospital to remove her adenoids. She recovered quickly.
This Christmas we will be in Austria again. We go on ski vacation. Mei-Li loves to ski and the faster she goes the bigger the smile on her face! She's absolutely not afraid.

So nothing but good news from the Netherlands.
We love to read about all the Starfish children. You do such a good job! You really make a difference to so many children. Thank you very much for that!
We look forward to see you again in March. Mei-Li is asking a lot about you and really misses you a lot.
From the Netherlands we wish you and everyone at Starfish a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. !!!
With love from
Mei-Li, Yo-Lin, Ronald and Danielle Bemelmans

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