Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adoption Day of Mei-Li, Adoption 15, to Holland

Dear Amanda,
Can you imagine that October 19th it was exactly 2 years ago that we adopted Mei-Li? We still remember you walked into the lobby of the hotel with Mei-Li. She was holding our family picture in her hand and ignored us told us she was doing strange for the whole was so cute and funny. She felt very very well that something was happening and that it had to do with us. Our little girl was having such a hard time. It really broke our heart.

Now, 2 years later she's a happy little girl. Thanks to you and the nanny's (Xiao Liu in particular) she learned to love and became a very social little girl. It's such a joy to have her around. We cannot imagine a life without our little girls.

Herewith we send you some recent pictures. I send you the pictures of the little Dutch Starfish Reunion we had last month. It's great to see Jian, Norah and Mei-Li together.
Jet showed us the pictures of the new Starfish Foster home....what a great place.....but what a lot of work......wished it was possible for us to come to China and help you making the place a beautiful place for all of you. Unfortunately we have to wait a few years before we can visit you in China.
With Love,
Ronald, Danielle, Yo-Lin and Mei-Li

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Neeson Family said...

absolutely love the three of them together.........a miracle