Friday, January 29, 2010

A Mini Starfish Reunion in Holland

I love it when I hear that the Starfish babies have seen each other and are spending time together. Luckily Holland is very small and it is easy to drive a few hours to each others' houses. I am going to write another post soon about our most recent adoption: Cailean who is also going to be in Holland. He and his family are in Beijing right now. I will be traveling to Holland in March to go and do some fund raising, meet a Dutch medical team that wants to come to Xian and do cleft surgeries and see the babies from Starfish. I am really looking forward to that. I hope that it gets warmer there soon. Jet said in one email that it was -14 Celsius which is about 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dear Amanda,

I'm so glad Norah and Mei-Li can meet regularly. If the time between visits is too long they will ask for each other! Every time the families meet we have a great time. We all have become good friends! Yo-Lin and Robin enjoy spending time together too. I'm sending you some pics. I think they will show you how much these girls love each other...



Life, Love and Laughter,


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