Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Me-Li on Vacation in Austria and Italy

Well, here is some news from Holland and Mei-Li (Olivia) who went on vacation with her family. The theme continues with all the water babies. They love to swim.

Dear Amanda,

How are you? We've read about your trip to America on the website. It must have been great for you to meet all the Starfish Children. (We hope you can come to Holland once). (I would love to do a European tour!!! Amanda)
We have a lot of pictures for you from our vacation. We went to Austria for a few days. Mei-Li loved the cable car. After a few days we went to Italy and stayed there for three weeks The temperature was 30-40 degrees so we had to go to the swimming pool and the beach many times. Sometimes we went to visit a city but that was too much for Mei-Li. She had problems with the temperature. She loved the swimming pool and the beach. She played with the sand and couldn't get enough from the (sea)water. She's not afraid at all.
In Italy she wanted to eat spaghetti every day. She loves the spicy one with peperoni and garlic, and believe me, it's very spicy! She also likes shellfish, shrimps and squids. As you can see on the picture chocolate ice cream is her favorite!
Mei-Li and Yo-Lin can get along together very very well. They play together very much and Yo-Lin takes care of Mei-Li as a real big sister. It's so cute to see.
Mei-Li had her first "boyfriend" in Italy. Jasper and Mei-Li could play together very nice and they told us they were in love........I wonder if they know what it means........
So, we had a great vacation.

We keep in touch,
greetings from Ronald, Danielle, Yo-Lin and Mei-Li

Life, Love and Laughter,

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