Monday, February 23, 2009

Mei-Li 's (Olivia) 3rd Birthday Party

Mei-Li had her third birthday party, and Norah (Rachel) and her family were invited to the party.
This is a letter from Mei-Li's family and some of their pictures:

The birthday of Mei-Li was a great success. Yo-Lin made a birthday hat for Mei-Li and she wore it the whole day. She loved all the attention and the presents, although it was very exciting for her too. When Norah and her family arrived she was very happy. Norah and Mei-Li took each other's hand and played the whole day. So cute. They are still very familiar with each other. It's great they can be friends forever.

Jet (Norah's Mom) sent some of the pictures and this note:

Here are some pictures from Mei-Li's birthday celebration. We had a great time...the girls LOVED to see each other again!


I of course love the fact the girls are getting to spend time together, having their own mini-Starfish reunion!

Happy Belated Birthday, Mei-Li!

Life, Love and Laughter,

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